Eskom: how corruption and crime turned the lights off in South Africa | FT Film

South Africa’s state power company Eskom is battling a legacy of neglect, mismanagement and state capture as it struggles to bring an end to rolling blackouts that have severely damaged businesses and the economy

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00:00 Intro
00:53 Eskom and load shedding
02:46 The township restaurant
04:01 Eskom’s priorities
05:07 The history of Eskom
07:07 The state capture years
08:50 Andre de Ruyter’s corruption battle
13:30 Inequality and crime
16:03 On patrol with a pirate security company
18:23 Government interference
19:47 The poisoning
21:49 How to fix the problem
27:30 Inside Shoprite
29:33 The environmental problem
31:16 An election is coming

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