We Tried Jollibee — The Filipino Fast-Food Restaurant With Thousands Of Locations Around The World

We went to one of the 36 Jollibee locations in the US to see why the Filipino fast-food chain is so popular.

Following is a transcript of the video:

Going to the Jollibee yeah!

Hey, what’s going on? Can I do an Aloha burger, the Chickenjoy spicy, the rice and gravy side, and then can I do the fiesta noodles, the spaghetti, a hot dog, the Spam sandwich, and the corned beef sandwich.

Yo dog. Ok, I guess I’ll just start right here. The amazing Aloha burger which has bacon, cheese obviously, and pineapple. Holy crap. That is so good. The pineapple. That’s what makes it. Oh my God.

The garlic with the sauce and everything, these noodles are like… I don’t know exactly what noodles they are. I will look it up and put it on the screen right… there. Reading the description it seemed kinda weird, but all together it is insanely good.

That’s got some heat to it too, man. Oh it’s got some heat. This chicken is so good. Way better than KFC.

I can’t believe how good this food is.

Something that’s near and dear to me as an Italian man, going to try their spaghetti. This seems to be like the main thing that everyone talks about online. Hot dog bits, bits of ham and pork, cheese. I mean to be honest it’s like something I would come up with when I was stoned.

No. I’m actually not into that. The sauce is sweet. First miss. First miss on Jollibee.

With the cheese and whatever sauce is on here, oh man. This is like Iceland level good of a hot dog.

I have a prediction this is going to blow my mind. It has like this creamy mayo on it. Look at that shape. The undeniable shape of Spam. Wow. I love that too. I think it’s the sauce. I love Jollibee.

This pie better be good. Dude, it’s like just fried. Duuuuude…

That is so good. The mango in here is so sweet. The outside is like savory. Oh man. It’s hot! I like my fast food with a little bit of danger. I’m not gonna sue. If that’s what it takes to make this thing that good so be it. Let the skin get burned.

I don’t even know where to start with this thing. Look at this nuts thing. It’s mostly shredded ice, I think there’s ice cream on top. There’s all this stuff at the bottom. And you gotta kinda like scoop it out and when you add it with the shaved ice, it’s excellent. No idea how much it costs. Get that price right over my face.

Oh, my God, that was incredible. I’m like exhausted I ate so much. My first time at Jollibee and I‘ll definitely come back. This was an incredible meal. Look at the smile, now I know why he’s smiling. This food’s so great, that why.


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