Ferrari halts tours and closes two museums in Italy over virus fears


A woman wear a protective mask in Venice, Italy, on February 23, 2020 due to concerns over coronavirus infection. The carnival was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak in northern Italy.


Ferrari has suspended tours of its factory and shut down museums near its headquarters following the outbreak of coronavirus in Northern Italy.

Ferrari’s factory and headquarters are in Maranello, just south of the Lombardy region where a bulk of the more than 220 cases in the country are concentrated. Ferrari said it hasn’t halted production, but it has closed both Ferrari museums in Maranello and in Modena as requested by local authorities. It has also “restricted access for employees that are residents or have visited the affected municipalities,” and has suspended visits from tourists — including its popular factory tours — as well as “all non-critical business travel.”

The company said “new measures will be promptly implemented and communicated should they become necessary.”

Ferrari’s share price fell by about 5% Monday after reports of the outbreak, mostly in Italy’s Lombardy region, which includes Milan. A dozen towns went into effective lockdown, closing schools, businesses and restaurants and canceling public events.

Ferrari produced over 10,000 cars at its Maranello factory and Ferrari fans around the world make the pilgrimage to the factory and museum for tours.

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