Cryptocurrency entrepreneur finally gets his $4.5 million meal with Buffett


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Credit: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun finally got his $4.5 million charity auction dinner with Warren Buffett last month.

In a Facebook post, Sun, founder of the Tron cryptocurrency platform, said he and several of his guests had an “Amazing dinner w/ Warren Buffett finally!” It included a photo of Buffett and Sun posing along with four other guests.

Sun added, “Thx for your support & advice on how to take #TRON to the next level! Loved our talk on #Bitcoin , #Tesla & #TRON! Glad to support GLIDEsf as well! C U at # BRK2020 & our reunion meal in 2030!”

Sun also posted photos of gifts he presented to Buffett including one bitcoin, “safely stored” in a Samsung Galaxy Fold. “Since I gifted him this #Bitcoin, $BTC has increased 16%! Hope it continues to moon!” Sund wrote.

Sun gave Buffett a bronze horse as well, “since we are both born in Year of the Horse, 1930/1990!” and a “traditional Chinese paper cutting of mouse in celebration of the Year of the Mouse 2020.”

Sun posted a photo of the meal’s receipt, saying “Most delicious meal ever! Thks Warren Buffett for taking us to Happy Hollow Club! $4.56 MIL for a $515.05 dinner was money well spent! The insights I received are priceless.” The receipt is signed by Buffett and dated January 23.

Coinbase reports Sun’s guests included Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, eToro CEO Yoni Assia, the CFO of Huobi, Chris Lee, and head of the Binance Charity Foundation, Helen Hai.

Sun’s $4.5 million bid was the winner in the 2019 auction of a meal with Buffett.

A dinner had originally been scheduled for last July but was abruptly postponed when Sun said he was suffering from kidney stones. Around the same there were stories in Chinese media that Sun was under investigation.

Sun later apologized for “over-marketing” the event ahead of time.

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